We are the largest vertically integrated breeder, cultivator, processor, and distributor of hemp-derived cannabinoids in the United States. This enables our lab to be a pioneer in the CBD industry allowing us to be the first true seed-to-shelf operation. Our innovation and vertical integration create consistently superior products and at a lower cost than competitors. The technology encompasses every aspect of premium phytocannabinoid-rich (PCR) hemp oil extracts, isolates, and terpenes.

  1. Proprietary Genetics - Research & Development
  2. Innovative Farming Processes
  3. Bespoke Machine Fabrication
  4. Proprietary Extraction & Processing
  5. Initial Biomass Extraction
  6. Winterization / Decarboxylation
  7. Optimal Purity Vacuum Distillation
  8. Pure Cannabinoid Isolation
  9. Pure Terpene / Flavonoid Isolation

Superior Genetics: State-of-the-art hemp seeds & genetics research facilities. Highly potent CBD feminized seeds and clones.

Machine Fabrication: Our engineers have built proprietary extraction technology that is cleaner and more efficient than any extraction equipment on the market.

Raw Materials: Our proprietary extraction technology allows superior quality and guarantees the purity of our CBD isolates and CBD extracts.

Private Label: We are a prominent formulater and manufacturer of the highest CBD solutions in the industry. We are focused on private-label for e-commerce retailers worldwide and pride ourselves on providing products at the most competitive prices

We own and operate proprietary processing/extraction labs, genetics research facilities, greenhouses, hemp farms, and a machine fabrication facility, which allows us to produce the highest quality CBD on the market. We guarantee premium quality from seed to sale.