CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is one of the most common, of over 113, cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. There are many testimonials, supporting studies and literature that show the positive effects CBD has on your health, most commonly in how it helps safely manage chronic pain, lower stress and anxiety, aids in sleep to relieve insomnia and decreases inflammation. There are broader applications for CBD as well, including its ability to reduce seizure episodes, tumors and more.

CBD does NOT get you high, it is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. THC is the psychoactive compound largely found in the cannabis plant and still requires large amounts to feel the “high” effects. Industrial hemp use requires THC levels to be below 0.3%, a quantity that has been shown to have no psychoactive effects. See FULL SPECTRUM definition below for additional reference.

CBD derived from industrial hemp and processed by licensed, reputable manufacturers is legal in all 50 states. This is supported by the Federal 2018 Farm Bill. However, there are some states that do have restrictions on the cannabinoid. States such as ID, ND, SD, NE, and IA, please check your local laws surrounding CBD.

It is not, CBD derived from the cannabis plant is the same, whether it comes from a hemp strain or marijuana strain.

CBD derived from hemp is just as effective as CBD derived from marijuana. The differences in efficacy relate more to the quality of manufacturing/extractions and instances that favor FULL SPECTRUM and other THC/CBD combinations where the presence of THC is preferred for particular health needs; this is known as the “entourage effect.”

FULL SPECTRUM refers to an extraction that contains the FULL cannabinoid and terpene profile found in the cannabis plant. This includes CBD, THC (below 0.3% in industrial hemp uses), terpenes and the over 113 known cannabinoids.

FULL SPECTRUM, as stated earlier, represents an extraction that has the FULL cannabinoid and terpene profile found in the cannabis plant. ISOLATE is an extraction that isolates the desired cannabinoid or compound exclusively with no other cannabinoids present. For many iLOVEcbd products, we produce and use our own CBD isolate for a range of products like our THC FREE FAST Tablets, iLOVEcbd PETS* line (THC is toxic for animals) and various topicals

*iLOVEcbd Pets line coming soon.

BROAD SPECTRUM oil is a proprietary extraction method used to extract THC while leaving the rest of the cannabinoid profile intact. This is great for those looking for more of a FULL SPECTRUM product without the trace amounts of THC.

Bioavailability refers to the efficacy of an active ingredient being absorbed into your bloodstream; for iLOVEcbd products our products are designed to deliver the highest bioavailability of CBD on the market.

There are many forms of taking CBD on the market. iLOVEcbd focuses on medically relevant and tested applications that offer high bioavailability and reliable results to fit an array of health needs.

Sublingual refers to a product being absorbed under your tongue. Our Fast Acting Sublingual Tablets, or F.A.S.T. Tablets, are unique to iLOVEcbd and are designed to offer the highest bioavailability on the market. The tablets dissolve under your tongue in seconds and are more reliable than tinctures, as each tablet delivers a targeted, consistent dose of CBD in every tablet. Tinctures are hard to judge and the CBD can fluctuate from drop to drop.

These products and edibles are absorbed in the digestive tract. These are great for time released products and oils that are not particularly palatable (don’t taste good). Our DAILY line of soft gels are our preferred application in this category. They are time released to offer higher bioavailability and long lasting effects for our FULL SPECTRUM and other oil based formulations. Compare this to other ingestibles that typically see about 10-20% absorption and can lead to waste and, most importantly, ineffective results

Are any product that is applied to the skin. Here, the ingredients are absorbed through the pores and cell walls on your skin and, in the case of our SOOTHE products, act to relieve pain and inflammation locally. Topicals are great for spot treating sore joints, muscles and other injuries that can be reached through the skin. Topicals can also be restorative and are a great compliment to therapeutic massage and/or combined with other products for a ‘full body” treatment.

The difference is all in the certification. Natural is not a regulated word so companies determine what they deem as natural, but generally means it has minimal processing and contains no artificial ingredients (including flavors, fragrances, antibiotics, hormones). Organic is a regulated word and products MUST obtain a USDA certification in order to claim their product is certified USDA organic. It certifies that products have minimal processing and contain no artificial ingredients, but also prohibits the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers and declares that the manufacturer has passed certification inspections. Organic products are all natural but not all natural products are organic.

iLOVEcbd products are natural products, so naturally variations will occur in your finished goods such as slight color variances, or ingredient settling. Through our stringent testing procedures each product is assured to meet potency and purity standards.